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Enchantressinthedark's Fatal Frame Game Review

Fatal Frame

Rated: 9

Overall, you'll never get a relaxing moment playing this game, even while watching the cutscenes. I remember myself screaming when this Fallen Women appeared and dropped from the ceiling. Yeah, I admit I'm a bit scared playing horror games so go ahead and call me "Miss Timid" XP

The game is kinda difficult, even though I played in Easy Mode. Seriously, without a map, you will never know where you are going because all the japanese ancient houses are so big and there are lots of rooms. Some of the doors are barely visible. It took me 1 year to finish playing the game XD Cause my mum only allows me to play during long term holidays.

And the ghosts....some you may find easy to play but some are seriously a big pain in the butt. Chitose Tachibana was a real pain.

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